Goldstar provides tank and utility locating services for environmental professionals, industrial clients and homeowners.  We combine our years of experience as environmental contractors and the latest in technology to help our clients in locating tanks and utilities.

Instruments used are a Fischer TW-6 metal detector, a
Radiodection RD4000 pipe/cable locator, Magna-Trac 102 ferro-magnetic locator, and a Ramac X3M Radar system with a 250MHz antenna.  Additional antennas available include a 500 and 800 MHz antenna.

1. Visual inspection of site looking for obvious evidence of          USTs such as fill necks, vents and above ground                   piping/dispensers.
2. Visual inspection of building heating systems looking for      current or former fuel oil piping and/or evidence of fuel oil        usage.
3. Magnetometer survey of entire site looking for metallic           objects large enough to be a tank.  Metallic anomalies are     noted and marked in the field.
4. GPR survey of site.  Anomalies consistent with USTs are       noted and marked in the field.
5. Locate buried fill necks with the ferro-magnetic locator.
6. Trace product lines if accessible with the RD4000.